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United Way Day of Caring Opportunities


The 2015 United Way Day of Caring is set for Friday & Saturday, October 9 & 10, 2015.  Is your organization interested in participating?  Volunteer teams can range in size from five people to several hundred. In cases where teams have many volunteers, we strongly recommend they register multiple teams, since many projects cannot accommodate more than 15 volunteers at one time. This will ensure better project placement and a more satisfactory experience for team members. Multiple teams from one company will most likely be assigned to more than one project and go to different locations.

Currently, agencies are submitting their projects and are encouraged to submit projects that fall within the following categories:

  • Indoor Work - including but not limited to spring cleaning, minor repair, reorganizing supplies, painting, etc.

  • Outdoor Work - includes but not limited to raking, mulching, general yard cleanup, minor repair, landscaping, etc.

Listed below are a few examples of projects which may be submitted:

  • Creating a community garden or memory garden

  • Painting and landscaping a playground

  • Painting and painting prep work - indoor and/or outdoor

  • Helping at a party, dance, carnival, picnic, or other event for seniors, children and their families

Most projects are 4-6 hours in duration.  Projects will be distributed in mid-June to your organization’s volunteer coordinator.  In June and July your coordinator will contact the agency’s coordinator to schedule a visit to discuss specifics & logistics of the project.


 The Day of Caring is held rain or shine. Keep in mind that weather conditions can easily change and volunteers should arrive prepared for all conditions. A change in weather may require a switch of plans, a move to a new location or different supplies. In cases of severe weather, we strongly encourage you to contact the project coordinator to discuss alternate plans.

If your organization is interested in participating in Day of Caring this year, please contact Linda Avedon at or 832-926-4005 at your earliest convenience.   At the same time, please identify who will be your company’s coordinator.