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Letter To The Editor

Most people believe they know United Way. What they don’t realize is that United Way has evolved over the years to be more responsive to the needs of the community. I’ve volunteered with our United Way for about 13 years. I have found it to be a community organization that makes a positive difference because it focuses on improving everyone’s quality of life. This is accomplished by focusing on three areas: education, financial stability and health.  United Way cares about our community. Because it is volunteer-led, every funding decision and community engagement is guided by volunteers who know the needs of our community.

This was most evident in how the organization responded to providing immediate support in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane had an impact on just about everyone I know. When walking into United Way for a meeting, it made it more real for me to see how many people were devastated and able to get some type of disaster assistance. This will continue because United Way is convening community leaders to create a long term recovery group that will help the Baytown area and Chambers County find stability after the devastation of Harvey. Let United Way know if you would like to get involved with this initiative.

With your help, our United Way will continue to address the community-wide issues that existed before Hurricane Harvey. These have only intensified in the storm’s aftermath. It is so important now, more than ever, to support our United Way. When you contribute to the annual campaign, you become a partner in the effort to make the greatest impact in this community.  You can give through your workplace campaign, or make a gift online at, or via the Text to Give campaign. Text the word LIVEUNITED to 313131 and make your gift. It makes donating quick, fast and easy and you’ll feel good about being a partner in community impact.

NOW is the time to stand strong. NOW is the time to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. NOW is the time to LIVE UNITED.

Robin McDougald
United Way Campaign Chair 2017-18