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FEMA Teams Out in Chambers County

FEMA Teams Out in Chambers County Communities to Help Imelda Survivors

Housing inspectors and Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are in Chambers County to help survivors of Tropical Storm Imelda get connected with potential assistance.


If you live in an affected area, you may encounter DSA teams as they go door to door to answer questions about the types of help available, help survivors apply for federal assistance, update applicants’ contact information, and help with referrals to disaster recovery partners. Team members will have different colored shirts with a FEMA logo and have official FEMA photo IDs.


Inspections occur after survivors register with FEMA. They are an essential part of the recovery process for survivors who need to make their homes livable again or have serious personal property loss. Homeowners and renters should make sure their contact information is up to date and have access to a telephone. You will need to have a photo ID and proof of ownership or a lease. 

  • FEMA Inspectors WILL wear official FEMA ID badges, confirm your identity, confirm your registration number, review your damages, have you sign documentation
  • FEMA Inspectors WILL NOT determine eligibility, cost you any money, ask for financial information, take the place of an insurance company inspection.