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After-school tutoring resumes in Anahuac

After-school tutoring for Anahuac Middle School – made possible by a collaboration of community partners including United Way – has resumed this fall with 10 students going one afternoon per week to Chambers County Library in Anahuac.


Starting last school year in January, school officials identified about 10 middle school students who would benefit from after-school help at the county library but who otherwise would be unable to participate without transportation home by Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.


This fall, a grant secured by Chambers County Library to provide iPads is further enhancing the students’ experience, according to Valerie Jensen, Chambers County librarian.

“The students love getting to work on the iPads,” Jensen said. “There are functions on the iPads for ADHD/dyslexic readers that we tell parents about. One of the students had it on his tablet. Others logged on to Skyward to print practice quizzes.”


At the end of a recent session, when the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office vehicle arrived at the library at 5 p.m., the six students who needed transportation home were excited, Jensen said.

“One of the boys came up to me as he was leaving and said, ‘Thanks for doing this for us because my mom can’t bring me,’” Jensen recalled. “It makes it all worthwhile.”


After-school tutoring for Anahuac Middle School is among a host of locally-identified United Way initiatives established by United Way Chambers County committee members, in cooperation with partnering organizations.


The committee includes Patti Henry, Nellie Lunsford, Bertha White, Larry Barron, James Gibson and Guido Persiani.


In addition to Chambers County Library System, Chambers County Sheriff’s Office and Anahuac ISD, other partnering organizations involved with developing initiatives include East Chambers ISD, Lee College, Senior Citizens Project of Chambers County, ONEOK and the Chambers Recovery Team (ChaRT).


Beyond after-school tutoring, activities underway or beginning soon are as follows:


English-language instruction for Pre-K parents – At East Chambers Elementary School, up to four days per week after school.


Support home meals delivery and transportation – Senior Citizens Project of Chambers County.


Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) training course – assistance with tuition, textbooks and supplies for qualifying students (some still in high school, some from community) taking this Lee College course taught at Anahuac High School.


In addition, traditional United Way partner agency programs and services provided in Chambers County include domestic violence and sexual assault services by Bay Area Turning Point, disaster response and preparedness by American Red Cross, and materials for hands-on volunteer projects through United Way Day of Caring.


In July 2013, the geographic area of Chambers County that is east of the Old & Lost Rivers was officially and permanently added to the area served by United Way. Prior to summer 2013, the United Way service area consisted of Baytown, Highlands and West Chambers County.

“United Way is the means by which the community takes action to identify and to address pressing community needs,” Mohlman said. “Committee members and partner organizations have dedicated themselves to this work. The hope and the call now is for their friends, neighbors and co-workers to support and to endorse these efforts.”


For more information, call United Way of Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County at 281-424-5922.